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With real estate prices slumping and property taxes soaring, Assessors all across Suffolk are girding for a bumper crop of property tax grievances as home owners from Huntington to Southampton Taxes in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY are among the highest in the nation.seek tax relief.

The reason is simple. Suffolk homeowners pay some of the highest property taxes in the nation1 while living in a county with “some of the biggest problems with assessments,” according to a recent NY State Comptroller’s report2.

If you live in one of the ten Suffolk County Towns3, the chances are good that you are over-assessed and paying more than your fair share of property taxes.  Fortunately, the chances are also good that we can reduce your property taxes significantly.

All Grievances All the Time
At Elizabeth Roche, Property Tax Consultant, property tax grievances — also called protests, complaints, challenges and petitions, and sometimes appeals — have been our only business, year round for over twenty years.  We work on a contingency basis, so we won’t file a grievance unless we think it has merit, and we obtain a substantial assessment and property tax reduction in the overwhelming majority of our cases.

Strong Performance
Our success rest on several strengths.  First is our in-depth knowledge of Suffolk real estate both as a long-term resident and licensed Realtor®, and by access to the most current residential assessment and sales data.  Our knowledge coupled with professional ethics and practices has won the respect of Town Assessors, making it possible to negotiate many favorable settlements.  But when we’re turned down or don’t achieve an acceptable reduction, our detailed and powerful case preparations almost always succeed, if not before the Board of Assessment Review (BAR), then at the Judicial level in the Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR).  We’re not attorneys, but the firms that handle our commercial Tax Certiorari filings generally ask us to handle their residential grievances!

So if you think you might be over-assessed, we’re ready to help.  You can engage us to marshal the evidence, negotiate with the Assessor, file a grievance on your behalf, and appeal it in Small Claims Court if necessary — all at no cost to you unless we succeed.4 To get started, tell us about your property by email or call us at (631) 779-2605 for a free, no obligation analysis.

1. In 2006 Forbes Magazine ranked six Suffolk County zip codes as among the top 110 most expensive in the United States., including Sagaponack, ranked most expensive.
2. See the NYS Comptroller’s report “Property Taxes in New York State.”
3. The ten Suffolk County, Long Island, New York, NY Towns are Babylon, Brookhaven, East Hampton, Huntington, Islip, Riverhead, Shelter Island, Smithtown, Southampton, and Southold.
4. A $30 filing fee applies if we pursue a Small Claims Court appeal on your behalf.
Elizabeth B. Roche, Property Tax Consultant is a Tax Assessment Consulting Service licensed in Suffolk County, NY under Local Law 13-1995. The service is also called a property tax or real estate or assessment reduction or abatement or challenge or grievance or appeal or petition or protest or complaint service or consultancy.