Is your home over-assessed?

Over-assessed: the dollar vs. the house

No one knows for sure, but industry pundits say from 30 to 60% of the residential properties in an assessing district (in Suffolk that’s the Town) may be over-assessed.

Your home may be over-assessed if

  • ​Property values have gone down, but your taxes haven’t.
  • ​Houses like yours sell for less than you paid.
  • You just bought your house at a “good price”.
  • ​Your assessment increased and you don’t know why.
  • ​A recent appraisal came in with a low market value.
  • Your Town hasn’t revalued its housing inventory in the last decade.
  • You haven’t applied for a reduction in the last few years.

Time to look at the numbers?  Try our Market Value Calculator. If the Assessor’s Market Value is more than you recently paid for your house or what you think it’s worth, email us or call (631-779-2605)  for a free, no obligation analysis.