Filing on Your Own

Words related to filing a grievance pro seFiling property tax grievances in the Suffolk County Towns is what we do.  We are expert, accomplished and professional, and sincerely believe that we can do a better job for you than you can for yourself: We are more likely to get your assessment reduced and to achieve a sizable reduction.  Simply put, hiring us to reduce your property taxes is more cost effective than doing it yourself.

However, we also believe every over-assessed home owner should seek redress, and if you decide to file pro se, we offer a self-filing check list, adapted from the National Taxpayers Union,  and two pages of Books and Weblinks and a Glossary to help you do it.

Of course, we’d be happy to help if you change your mind.  You can engage us to marshal the evidence, negotiate with the Assessor, file a grievance on your behalf, and appeal it in Small Claims Court if necessary — all at no cost to you unless we succeed. To get started, tell us about your property by email or call us at (631) 779-2605 for a free, no obligation analysis.