Are You Getting Screwed On Your Property Taxes?: How To Find Out and How To Fix It!Are You Getting Screwed On Your Property Taxes?: How To Find Out and How To Fix It!
by Patricia Quintilian, Esq. Lightbearers Publishing, 2010
It’s not easy to write a book about property taxes and make it easy to read, informative and entertaining, but somehow Patricia Quintilian has managed to  accomplish all three.

Understanding and Paying Less Property Tax For Dummies, UK EditionUnderstanding and Paying Less Property Tax For Dummies, UK Edition
by Steve Sims. For Dummies, 2008
This comprehensive guide to understanding and paying less property tax for dummies is the best-value beginners book on the market. Primarily for British property owners, but valuable conceptually.

Save a Fortune on Your Homeowners Property Tax!Save a Fortune on Your Homeowners Property Tax!
by Bob Lafay. Real Estate Education Co, 1999
Readers can join the many home-owning taxpayers who have used the proven step-by-step instruction covered in this book to pocket huge savings after successfully challenging their property tax bills.

Challenge Your Taxes: Homeowner's Guide to Reducing Property TaxesChallenge Your Taxes: Homeowner’s Guide to Reducing Property Taxes
by James A. Lumley. Wiley, 1998
How to save hundreds–even thousands–of dollars a year in property taxes You can’t escape paying property taxes, but you can avoid paying more than you have to. This authoritative new guide explains how.


How to Reduce Your Property TaxesHow to Reduce Your Property Taxes
by Frank J. Adler. Harper Business, 1996
Unless a property has recently been purchased, the taxes on it are based on an estimation of its market value by a bureaucrat. Adler has written a comprehensive, easy to understand guide to the world of property taxes in the U.S. and Canada. This book can help residential property owners determine if they are being overly taxed and shows them what to do about it if they are.

Appeal Your Property Taxes -- And WinAppeal Your Property Taxes — And Win
by Ed Salzman. Panoply Press, 1993
One third of all Northwest homeowners pay tax bills that are too high. Are you one of them? Written by the chairman of a tax appeals board.

Dictionary of Real Estate Terms (Barron's Business Guides)Dictionary of Real Estate Terms (Barron’s Business Guides) by Jack P. Friedman, Jack C. Harris, J. Bruce Lindeman.
Barron’s Educational Series, Inc., 7th Ed, 2008
The new edition of this best-selling dictionary has been updated to account for changes in the real estate market, including the recent subprime crisis and other financial issues….This handbook is a fast-reference guide for home buyers, sellers, real estate professionals, students, investors, and attorneys.

The Art of Real Estate Appraisal: Dollars and Cents Answers to Your QuestionsThe Art of Real Estate Appraisal: Dollars and Cents Answers to Your Questions
by William L. Ventolo, Martha R. Williams. Dearborn Trade, 1992
This cogent, straightforward explanation of the residential single- family home appraisal process is written for home owners, investors, and real estate agents who are not appraisers but who want to understand the methods the professionals use.

Essentials of Real Estate EconomicsEssentials of Real Estate Economics by Dennis J. McKenzie, Richard M. Betts, Carol A. Jensen.
South-Western Educational Pub, 6th Ed, 2010
Presented in a direct, practical manner, it focuses on the factors that cause real estate values to change. It is ideal for readers with no formal math or economics background.